Investment Process

  • After our Quantitative Stock Screening process, we institute our extensive Internal Fundamental Bottom-Up Research Process combined with our Proprietary Portfolio Construction and Risk Management.
  • Portfolio Positions are regularly monitored.
  • The Investment process is Mechanical, and comprised of 4 Pillars (i.e. Growth Objective, Strong Barriers to Entry, Capable Management and Attractive Valuation):
    1. Growth

      • Minimum Revenue growth hurdle rate of 4% and mid to high single digit earning growth to earn compounding value
    2. Evaluation of Barriers to entry

      • Intensive industry/company analysis to identify competitive advantages and barriers to entry
      • Detailed assessment of barriers to entry to ensure strength of the business model
    3. ARI Management test

      • Evaluation of Operating track record
      • Evaluate Management’s ability to properly allocate capital
      • Thesis Verified by extensive field research
    4. Valuation

      • Employ cashflow based methodology to value securities
      • That helps us identify candidates suitable for our portfolios